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      Dongguan WEWON brand Humidity Chamber Model: WHTH-80/120/150/225/408/800/1000L (MH)
      Control method and characteristics: balanced thermostat humidity control system (BTHC), the PID control the SSR, the heated humidifier to make the system equal to the amount of heat and moisture loss, so the use of long-term stability.
      Studio Size: 80L, 120L, 150L, ??225L, 408L, 800L, 1000L, or upon request made, walk-in constant temperature and humidity chamber up to 100 cubic meters.

      Dongguan constant temperature and humidity standard boxes:
      Observation window (inside lighting), ф50mm cable hole (in the left with) one of the two sets of sample frame (height adjustable), mobile working wheel, wetting tank
      Optional communication interface, recorder, built-in glass doors and operating hole, with connecting the computer and printing software
       Special requirements available on request

      Dongguan Humidity Chamber Application: Humidity Chamber, also known as environmental chambers, testing various materials, heat, cold, resistance to dry and wet performance. Suitable for electronic, electrical, food, vehicles, metals, chemicals, building materials industry quality control purposes.
      Constant temperature and humidity box can meet the following criteria: GB2423.1-89 Test Method for low temperature, GB2423.2-89 high-temperature test method, GB2423-93 test D6 Damp heat test method, IEC68-2-30 test method.


      Dongguan constant temperature and humidity control system box:
        1, the full import of high-precision digital temperature and humidity controller, PID precision control.
        2, visual display and control humidity, temperature and humidity in contrast to abandon the original defect.
        3, humidity control are used PID + S. SR, coordinated control system with the channel.
        4, Accuracy: 0.1, resolution: ± 0.1 ℃, a temperature sensor: PT100 platinum resistance tester.
        5, temperature cycle system uses low-noise air-conditioning motors, multi-vane centrifugal wind wheel. 


      Temperature Humidity Chamber heating, humidification system:
        1, the high temperature low humidity completely independent system that uses far infrared heat heater high nickel alloys.
        2, the external boiler steam humidifier with energy saving features, automatic compensation with the water level.
      Temperature and constant temperature and humidity refrigeration system:
        1, the compressor: the original French Taikang closed.
        2, the cooling mode: single (double) mechanism cold.
        3, the condensation: forced air cooling.
        4, the dehumidifier evaporator coil using laminar flow contact with dew-point temperature dehumidification mode.
        5, solenoid valves, oil separators, drying filters, repair of valves, refrigerant flow window, liquid cylinders are imported original parts.




      高低温试验箱英文名称:low temperature test chamber 工作空间温度在-90~+200℃之间的温度试验箱。
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